Recent Work

Welcome to the debut of Duncan Pottery! It just the beginnings, but I’m very excited about it all and hope you will enjoy and return to see how things evolve. The postings below reflect ongoing/recent ceramic work, events, or ideas, concepts, and influences along the way. Please join in. – Rick

New Market Event – March 15th

Fresh from the kiln!

Fresh from the kiln!

Ladies Day Out Craft Show – Cotter’s Country Cottage
Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

3 Lakes Golf Course (previously the Alcoma Country Club)
6700 Saltsburg Road, Penn Hills, PA

Free Admission!  – Free Parking!

The Universe? Impressionist Painting?
Experiments in Glazing

These are recent experiments using various Cone 6 (low fire) and Cone 10 (high fire) glazes fired at Cone 10. Incredible effects, reminding me of photos of nebula or paintings by impressionists. (click on a photo to see a better resolution and then “Back” to return)



On the left is the unfired plate with high fire Tenmoku glaze on the edge and low fire Chambrey, Gloss Black and Red Iron glazes in horizontal bands over a light layering glaze (underneath on right side only). On the right is the fired plate.

On the left (below) is the unfired plate with Tenmoku glaze on the edge and low fire Chambrey, high fire Copper Red, low fire Gloss Black, high fire Blue Wheat, low fire Red Iron, and high fire Gloss Gold glazes in horizontal bands over a light layering glaze (underneath on left side only).






IMG_6293 All four experimental plates, made very thin  because they were meant only to be experiments, but sold anyway to folks who loved the colors and effects. Now working with these glaze combinations on larger, more robust plates. We’ll see what comes!……

HOLIDAY SALE – Boulevard Gallery

The HOLIDAY SALE is coming to the Boulevard Gallery in Verona, PA.

And Duncan Pottery will be there, from Nov. 2nd to 30th!!
Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, 12-4 pm.


Perfect holiday gifts: along with pottery, there will be jewelry, woodwork, painted & stained glass, greeting cards, prints, metalworks, sculptures, oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc.

Come visit – say “hello” – there will be an artists’ reception,
Saturday, November 2, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Boulevard Gallery: 723 Allegheny River Blvd. in Verona, PA
Phone: 412-828-1031

Delmont Festival – Day 2


Beautiful day on Sunday the 6th, no rain and hardly a cloud. A short day, 11 to 5, but much fun. We had a great time and are very appreciative of all the folks that stopped by to chat and check out the pottery. Thanks also to all the friendly folk with vendor booths around us, who shared and helped out during the festival.

Hope to see everyone at other venues, and please stop back in to see where we’re headed next.

Also, I’ve been working on getting the Duncan Pottery on-line Etsy shop up and running. I think it’s ready to roll, although I have many more items to list. Please take a look in our SHOP.

Delmont Apple ‘n’ Arts Festival 2013

Whew! A flurry of activity to get ready for my first big craft market venture on Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 5th & 6th) at the Delmont Apple ‘n’ Arts Festival in Delmont, PA. I’m sharing the booth space with friend and fellow potter, Doug Satterfield (thanks, Doug!).

Delmont Apple 'n' Art Festival

Delmont Apple ‘n’ Art Festival

Click on the apples below to go to the Delmont Apple ‘n’ Arts Festival web page.

Duncan Pottery set-up at the festival:

Booth set- up Delmont Festival

Booth set- up Delmont

Today was our first day, Saturday the 5th – a wild mix of humidity and scorching sun followed by periods of wind and rain. But it was a great day, lots of fun, and if you stopped by our booth to see our pottery, I want to thank you very much. I’ll post more after we see what Sunday the 6th will bring. Hope to see you there!